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Eurostars Eligibility Guidelines

Eurostars is a funding programme supporting SMEs and their partners by funding innovative projects that will be rapidly commercialised..

 The development of new products, processes, and services through support and access to national funding is the ambition of Eurostars. The eligibility criteria are in place to ensure that the applications respect this ambition.

 Applications must meet all the eligibility criteria otherwise they will not be put forward for evaluation and will be excluded.

Eurostars is for SMEs

This has two implications regarding the main partner and the budget breakthrough.

Eurostars focuses on SMEs, especially R&D performing SMEs. They must be the main project partner. This restriction doesn’t apply to the other partners in the consortium which mean that Universities or Research organisations can join a Eurostars project.

The budget (excluding subcontracting) of the R&D-performing SME is equal to at least 50.00% of the total project budget. In case there are multiple R&Dperforming SMEs, their combined total participant budgets (excluding subcontracting) must equal at least 50.00 % of the total project budget.

Eurostars is about collaboration

Eurostars’ philosophy is simple: collaboration, especially international one is the most efficient way for SMEs to grow and access new markets. A project consortium must have at least 2 different partners (independent legal entities) from 2 different Eurostars countries.

The overall project budget must reflect this international collaboration which means following the 75% rules:

  • No organisation can be responsible for more than 75% of the total project budget.
  • No participants from a given country may be responsible for more than 75% of the total project budget.

Eurostars is about commercialisation

Eurostars applicants must submit a project that will develop new products, processes or services. Any project should have the market and commercialisation in mind. Consequently the project timeframe is an eligibility rule. The project must be completed in 36 months or fewer and the market introduction (or the start of clinical trials for life sciences projects) is planned to occur within 24 months of the project’s completion.

 Since Eurostars is a competition only the best projects will receive funding. A project will have to get the green light from all evaluation steps and the first one being the eligibility check.

We advise all Eurostars participant to carefully read complete eligibility guidelines.



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