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Eurostars-2 Cut-off 4 results: Quality means funding

The synchronisation of national funding for the cut-off 4 of the Eurostars-2 programme has recently been concluded. 

For the first time in the history of the Eurostars programme, the success rate for projects above quality threshold is 100%. This means that all positively evaluated projects will be funded - the biggest success in the history of the programme. 

Of the 333 applications submitted for funding, 113 were positively evaluated and selected to be funded by the programme, representing an overall success rate is 34%.   

The Eurostars-2 programme is aimed at supporting research and development performing small and medium-sized enterprises. Applications can be submitted at any time but are evaluated twice a year. The next cut-off dates are 18 February and 15 September, 2016.

The Horizon 2020 – Eurostars-2 programme is jointly undertaken by several EUREKA countries and is aimed at supporting research and development performing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). R&D SMEs invest at least 10% of their turnover in R&D activities or dedicate at least 10% of its full-time equivalents to those activities.

Consequently, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main beneficiaries of cut-off 4: out of 354 funded organisations, 233 were SMEs, representing two thirds of the participants and 76% of the total project costs. 

Eurostars has a ‘bottom-up’ approach and is open to all technologies with a civilian purpose. Main technologies represented in the pool of approved projects are Telecommunications (27%), Biotech (24%), and Industrial Manufacturing, Material and Transport (17%).

Eurostars-2 encourages international collaboration between R&D SMEs; the top five countries involved in such collaboration are Germany, with 40 projects, the Netherlands (28), Switzerland (22), France (20) and Denmark (19).