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EUREKA network projects – 30 new projects worth € 35.2 M endorsed

In EUREKA’s high level group meeting in January 2017, a total of 30 projects worth € 35.2 M were endorsed for funding. Main tech areas of these projects are Industrial (17) and ICT (12), with one project in the area of energy.

The technologies that will be developed in the framework of these projects include both new optical sensors and aero-elastic models in order to evaluate the structural health of wind turbines, an optimised reactor for an efficient decontamination of solid waste containing highly chlorinated POPs (persistent organic pollutants), and a smart tool for sheet metal forming with integrated servo systems and sensors for optimization of forming processes.

Country nr 1: Slovenia

Thanks to the effect of a national call for projects dedicated to EUREKA, Slovenia ranks first both in nr of projects (14) and public-private investment (€7.4 M), followed by Croatia, Czech Republic and Germany.

“We are proud to see that the innovative level of the Slovenian economy is very high and that the policy of the ministry and the work our small team puts towards raising awareness amongst the companies about the importance of innovation and R&D for our economy has borne fruit. We hope to follow up this success with great results for  the companies involved, resulting in their growth, new markets for their products and a newly found confidence to continue on the path of innovative thinking.”, says Slovenian National Project Coordinator Urška Zupin.

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